• Duration: 12 month
  • Field: Administrative Work and Public Relations
  • Location: Cologne
  • Languages: German & English
  • Accommodation: Residential home with other volunteers including shared kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms

IN VIA International Projects is a sending and hosting organisation for international voluntary services. Volunteers are working in the administration of the international volunteer programs, the educational preparation of our volunteers as well as the public relations, e.g. social media, which requires a higher level of German and English knowledge.

IN VIA Köln e.V. is a local organization for social youth work that supports young people in finding their way after school and improving their personal and occupational chances. IN VIA started their international activities back in 1997 with the Au-Pair program. Starting several incoming projects in 2000, IN VIA became a hosting and sending organisation for volunteers. We send volunteers to Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa, USA, Canada, New Zealand, UK, Ireland and Belgium and host volunteers from Argentina, Uganda and Tanzania.

The volunteer working in the administration of the international volunteer programs will be involved in all aspects concerning the administrative and educational execution of our projects. The volunteer will get to know all the different areas and will have responsibilities most fitting to her*his personal skills and preferences.

The tasks for volunteers vary a lot and every day is different. Mainly they work at the computer in our office. The volunteer will have the opportunity to get an inside into the following areas:

  1. Administrative implementation of the international projects
  • Processing of applications for weltwärts placements and International Youth Voluntary Service.
  • Recruitment of new potential volunteers.
  • Databank maintenance.
  • Project specific administrative tasks.

     2. Educational and organizational support of international volunteers (outgoing programs)

  • Informative meetings about opportunities to go abroad.
  • Different seminars for international volunteers (information, preparation, reflection).