• Duration: 12 month
  • Field: Social work for people with disabilities
  • Location: Cologne
  • Language: German
  • Accommodation: Residential home with other volunteers including shared kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms

The Clara-Fey-Haus is a place providing a work environment for people with disabilities. The employees work in different fields like handicrafts, technical and mechanical manufactures and many more. Some workshops focus on the production of technical supplies, others rather on games, housekeeping- abilities, art, occupation and therapy, due to the abilities of the employees. The work processes are usually done in small groups led by social workers to give emotional, social and technical support.

Clara-Fey-Haus is part of the Caritas. Caritas is an international catholic aid organization founded in 1897 in Germany. It has a large variety of projects in different fields of social work, health care and fostering. It is one of the biggest social institutions in Germany.


Tasks of the volunteers:

  • Attendance, instruction, physical and emotional support of the employed people with disabilities during their daily work.
  • Supervision and support in the processing of orders.
  •  Assisting the employed people with disabilities in daily care.