• Duration: 12 month
  • Field: Child Care
  • Location: Cologne
  • Language: German
  • Accommodation: Residential home with other volunteers including shared kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms

The IN VIA after-school clubs offer a free afternoon program in primary schools after the regular school activities. After a common lunch and homework assistance, the children between 6 and 12 have the chance to do various activities such as playing games, sports, music and creative projects. Some of the children have a migrant background.


The OGS Alzeyer Strasse takes care of about 150 kids within six groups, which are mixed beneath different age groups. Between other activities the staff offers many art projects.

The OGS Buschfeldstr./ Friedlandstr. is operated by two primary schools. There are about 300 children within twelve groups, six from the Berthold-Otto-School and six from the KGS (Catholic Primary School) Friedlandstrasse. Each group consist of about 25 children and the kids are mixed beneath the different age groups.

The OGS Adlerstrasse is offering an after school program for about 100 children with ca. 20 staff members. After school they meet within each age- group for free playtime, lunch and homework assistance. Volunteers will help in the kitchen during that time. In a second phase the children can choose for one kind of activity e.g. creative room, outdoor sports, theatre play and many more. These groups are in mixed ages. Volunteers can offer different workshops during that time e.g. dancing lessons, sport activities etc.


Tasks of the volunteers:

  • Offering free-time activities for the children like sports, music and creative projects.
  • Taking care of the children and, depending on the language knowledge, helping the children with their homework.
  • Helping in the kitchen.