Voluntary service in Germany for international volunteers

With the south-north component of the weltwärts programme, IN VIA Cologne has been able to invite young people from Argentina, Uganda and Tanzania to Cologne for a volunteer service in development policy since 2015. The volunteers look after children in after-school clubs, work in the international projects of IN VIA Cologne, with young women in a girls' residential home, in a home for the elderly, the travellers aid mission, the cycle station and in workshops for people with disabilities. Currently, 12 young people from Argentina, Uganda and Tanzania are performing a 12-month voluntary service in the Cologne area.

The goals of the South-North component are intercultural exchange and networking between countries of the Global South and the Global North, the personal development of volunteers and the strengthening of civil society, which benefits from the commitment of returning volunteers.


Application process:
Our program is currently only open for participants from Argentinia, Uganda and Tanzania who are between 18 and 28 years old. For further information please contact our sending organisations in your home countries:

  • Applicants from Uganda, please contact the Uganda Pioneers' Association, email: uganda_pioneers22@hotmail.com
  • Applicants from Argentina, please contact Luz Esperanza Pureza, email: luzesperanzapureza@yahoo.com.ar
  • Applicants from Tanzania, please contact Fr. Jerome Silayo from the Kilacha Production & Training Centre jsilayo19@jcu.edu
  • Applicants from other countries: currently IN VIA Cologne cannot receive volunteers from other countries. To find a sending organisation in your country, please check the further information on the weltwärts Homepage or the European Youth Portal.

Below you will find a few videos with impressions of our work and an overview of the volunteer positions in Germany.

Hosting Organsiations


The Travellers Aid Mission Cologne exists since 1899. Nowadays the Travellers Aid Mission does not only help travellers in need, but also offers help and services to anybody in need, e.g. homeless people. Because it is situated at the main train station many guests are international travellers and refugees.

  • Duration: 12 month
  • Field: social work
  • Location: Cologne
  • Languages: Good German & English
  • Accomodation: Residential home with other volunteers including shared kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms


“Caritas Wertarbeit” offers different Workshops, providing a work environment for people with disabilities. The employees work in different fields like handicrafts, needlework, car industry logistics, product packaging and many more. The work processes are usually done in small groups led by social workers and volunteers to give emotional, social and technical support. 

  • Duration: 12 months
  • Field: Social work for people with disabilities
  • Location: Cologne
  • Language: German
  • Accommodation: Residential home with other volunteers including shared kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms


The after-school clubs of IN VIA offer a free afternoon program in primary schools after the regular school activities. Children between 6 and 12 years old have the chance to do various activities such as playing games, sports, music and creative projects. Some of the children have a migrant background.

  • Duration: 12 month
  • Field: Child Care
  • Location: Cologne
  • Language: German
  • Accommodation: Residential home with other volunteers including shared kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms


These houses, run by different NGOs are residential homes for the elderly, who are not able to live their life independently anymore and do not have relatives who are able to take care of them the whole time. In these homes the elderly can socialize with others of their age group, they get prepared meals and are able to do various free time activities. They also receive care and medical support.

  • Duration: 12 month
  • Field: Care of the elderly, house technique and house keeping 
  • Location: Cologne and Bergisch-Gladbach, small town nearby Cologne
  • Language: German
  • Accommodation: Residential home “Don Bosco” with other volunteers including shared kitchen, living rooms and bathrooms. Or a shared fled within “St. Josefshaus” including an own room, shared bathroom and living room with other volunteers.